VistaClock 1.2

VistaClock is a simple and free desktop clock gadget
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VistaClock is a simple desktop gadget that displays a stylish clock and offers quick access to some handy additional features such as timers and alarms.
This clock widget represents a nice addition to your desktop. It compensates for the lack of numerous skins (it only comes with 2 skins) and customization options through the fact that it looks classy and stylish, enhancing the overall appearance of your screen. It’s not only appealing, but also practical. I really like that it lets you easily set up timers and alarms, as well as see what the time is around the world (the “World Clock” function). There are no intricate options, but the few simple available ones are very handy, letting you choose between enabling and disabling the chimes or the “always on top” setting.

The clock can be moved anywhere on the desktop just by drag-and-drop and it’s also completely free. There’s not much to say about this tiny program. In my opinion, the fact that it is free is the best thing about it. I would never recommend paying money for a simple desktop clock without any major advantages or additional features, such as this one. But since it’s free, my two cents are that it’s worth a try.

Margie Smeer
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  • Allows you to set up alarms, including recurring ones
  • Lets you toggle chimes and "always on top"
  • Includes timers and a "world clock" option


  • Comes with only 2 skins and doesn't offer any customization options
  • Could offer some more additional features, such as a calendar
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